The Landfill and Waste Treatment Interest Group (LaWTIG)

Working together for sound waste management

About us

The Landfill and Waste Treatment Interest Groups (LaWTIG) operate under both the Western Cape and KZN Branches with the same objectives as the IWMSA.

Our mission

Our mission is to protect the environment of Southern Africa and its people against the adverse effects of poor waste management.

Our objectives

We’re committed to sound waste management through advocacy and educational activities that:

  • Encourage waste management practices that are both environmentally acceptable and cost effective
  • Promote the science and practice of professional waste management
  • Facilitate information sharing.

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Western Cape Landfill and Waste Treatment Interest Group 

Chairman: Paul Roux, Chairman;  Pieter Kriel, Vice-Chairman
Committee Members: Deon Stipp, Richard Emery, Reon Pienaar, Pieter Hardie, Chris Wiid




KwaZulu-Natal Landfill and Waste Treatment Interest Group (LaWTIG)

Chairman: Logan 263 1371
Vice-Chairman: John Parkin, john.parkin17@gmail.com083 259 3687
Secretary/Treasurer:  Graham Payne,, 031-265-1777
Committee Members: 





Geoff Purnell

031-207 2093


Paul Pratt

031 717 2300

083 281 0078

Meera Govender

032 533 6359

072 120 4112

Peter Davies

031-717 2332


Clive Hitchcock

031 736 7139


Event Presentations

December 2020

April 2019

"What it takes to build a Landfill:

May 2018

"Diversion of Waste from Landfill" seminar presentations:

April 2017

"Toward the End of Waste: Wise Resource use in Waste Management" Seminar presentations:

September 2014

ISWA Waste to Energy Experience

August 2014

Construction of Engineered Landfill Facilities

Construction of Landfill Facilities

Cylinder testing geomembranes and their protective materials

Geophysical testing of geomembranes used in landfills

Minimum Requirements For Waste Disposal By Landfill

Using geomembranes in landfill engineering

Using Geosynthetic Clay Liners in Landfill Engineering

Using nonwoven protector geotextiles in landfill engineering

Older Presentations