Become a member in 5 easy steps:





Become a member in 5 easy steps:

  1.  Choose the membership that suits you best – should you need advice; please contact our head
      office for  more information.
  2.  Download and complete an application form.
  3.  Email your completed application form with all the necessary supporting documentation,
      signed Code of Ethics and your proof of payment to
  4.  Once we receive your application it will be submitted at the next membership committee
      meeting for consideration.
  5.  Once your application has been approved, your membership certificate will be emailed to you.



Please note:  The membership application process could take between 4 and 6 weeks to complete.

Payment for individual membership is the responsibility of the individual and not the employer and is not transferable.

Membership is voluntary and should be considered a long-term investment in order to gain the maximum benefit. There are various membership categories to choose from.

Our members include:

  • Municipalities
  • Consultants
  • Suppliers
  • Service providers
  • Contractors
  • Academics
  • National and Provincial Government
  • Industry
  • Mining
  • Corporates


MEMBER R 670 plus a joining fee of R 250.00
Any person who has been actively involved in waste management for more than twelve months and is possession of a recognized qualification.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER R 540 plus a joining fee of R 250.00
Any person not eligible for member category above, but who is interested in or connected with some aspect of waste management. Any member who has been an Associate Member for at least four years and has been actively involved in waste management for the same length of time can request to be upgraded to Member, as per the category above.

STUDENT R 0,00 plus a joining fee of R200.00

Any student, actively engaged in a course studying to qualify in subjects approved by Council under the age of 35. Student membership is for a maximum of 5 years.

Any member of the Council may nominate any member for election as Senior Fellow, having regard to the age, appropriate experience, qualifications, service to the Institute and conduct of such candidate.  A Senior Fellow shall be elected by a two third majority of the Council.

Any Member in good standing with the Institute may request advancement, by application to Council, for Fellow. This application for Fellow must be endorsed, and carry a declaration by, three members in good standing to the effect that the nominated member:

had been a member for a continuous period of not less than 5 years, and
during this period played an active role in advancing the aims and objectives of the Institute or the industry through active involvement. Such activities may include but are not limited to:

part time lecturing, development of educational material, research and development, submission of industry related articles or technical journals, presentation of papers at the Institute’s organised events, and any other industry related activity deemed by the nominating members as outstanding.

All membership fees are per annum and include VAT





  • One to 10 employees: R 2,010.00 plus a joining fee of R 1,000.00
  • 11 to 50 employees: R 3,230.00 plus a joining fee of R 1,250.00
  • 51 employees and more: R 5,000.00 plus a joining fee of R 1,500.00

Company membership does not include any branches, it is specific to the address applied for. Should branches wish to apply a separate application form is required per branch. 


  • Local Municipality: R 1,460.00 plus a joining fee of R 250.00
  • District Municipality: R 3,230.00 plus a joining fee of R 350.00 
  • Metro: R 4,570.00 plus a joining fee of R 450.00 

PATRON MEMBER  R 44,000.00

This is a long term membership for organisation members who take a responsible and dedicated stand and abide by our policies and ideals.

All membership fees are per annum and include VAT



For more information contact:

Ann Oosthuizen

Administrative Coordinator

Tel: 011 675 3462