About the Zimbabwe Chapter

The Zimbabwe Chapter of The Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa is a fast growing institution bringing together the Zimbabwean family to solve waste. Zimbabwe’s waste management challenges will contribute effectively to the regional waste management agenda. The vision of the chapter is to be a vibrant, permanent and relevant member of the local, regional and international waste management community.

The Chapter calls all Zimbabweans to respond to the waste management challenges our country faces by joining local Branches of the Institute in their respective areas or to spearhead the formation of cells or branches in their cities, towns and local areas. The Chapter also calls experts in all disciplines become professional members. In addition, all organisations and individuals who feel in a way moved to be part of the solution to come forward with all forms of support and contributions. To get more information about existing Branches in Zimbabwe please get in touch.

The Zimbabwe Chapter would be interested to hear from all individuals and institutions who are involved in waste management activities in Zimbabwe including waste recycling, composting, waste management campaigns, waste management research. If you have any issues of interest or concern that are related to waste management and pollution please get in touch.

Contact Address:

Banking Complex, Transtobac Warehouse
34 Hillside Road Extension, Msasa
Harare, Zimbabwe

Contact email: wastemanagementzimbabwe@gmail.com

Contact Persons:

Simon Bere: 0774447438
Rowan Kushinga Machaka: 0773242055
Fortunate Nyakanda: 0712619537