Training Courses


Stay up-to-date with waste management legislation, hazardous waste classification, waste management policy and waste beneficiation to name a few.

The IWMSA offers Accredited and IWMSA Recognised training courses

IWMSA Recognised Waste Training Courses

1. Waste Management Training Programme

2. Hazardous Waste Management Training Programme

3. Waste Legislation Training Programme


Accredited Training Courses Offered

NQF 1, USD 119302: Select, use and care for hand tools and basic equipment in environmentally related contexts - View SAQA Details

NQF 1, USD 119303: Handle and dispose of waste - View SAQA Details

NQF 1, USD 119305: Demonstrate an awareness of the impact of human activities on the environment - View SAQA Details

NQF 2, USD 119555, 9 credits: Separate, handle, store, treat and transport waste - View SAQA details

NQF 2, USD 119557, 6 credits: Operate Waste disposal facilities - View SAQA details

NQF 3, USD 119822: Collect data for environmental management purposes - View SAQA Details


Information Brochures

1. Qualifications in Waste Management

2. Careers in Waste Management


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