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Wastecon 2012 

Wastecon 2012: Wrestling with IndWMPs: Are more than one plan per waste resource feasible? 

WasteCon papers are available on request. Please contact Gail Smit on gail@iwmsa.co.za. Tel: 011-675-3462 for more information. 

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WasteCon 2018

Wastecon 2016
Wastecon 2016 Papers

WasteCon 2002
WasteCon 2004: Integrated Waste Management
WasteCon 2006: Bridging the Gap
WasteCon 2008: Minimising Waste and its Effect on Society
WasteCon 2010: What is your Waste Footprint?

For more information or for copies of presentations, please contact Gail Smit atiwmsa@telkomsa.net